State Officers 2017-18

state officers 2017-2018

Front Left to right: Grace Clayton, Scott Hicks, Amalie Rosales,
Back left to right: Carter Arrington, Andre Blair, Connor Christiansen, Eve Pike

Connor Christiansen
State President

Cambridge High School
Program of Study: Criminal Justice
Advisor: Tom Washburn

Connor Christiansen is a senior enrolled at Cambridge High School in Milton, Georgia, where he studies Law and Justice. He has been involved with SkillsUSA since he started his pathway, and led the two-time State Champion team in Chapter Business Procedure. His team placed third in the written portion of the National Conference last year. In addition, his chapter was selected as the National Model of Excellence Chapter in Personal Skills, and this year has the highest membership in the State of Georgia. Connor says that SkillsUSA has been the contributing factor to the development of his oratory and leadership skills, allowing him to hold other leadership positions at his school. He serves as the Captain of the Varsity Swim Team, and was a nationally ranked debater. SkillsUSA has taught him how to be an exceptional teammate and leader; both skills that have, and will continue to benefit him in the workplace.

Andre Blair
Vice President

Union Grove High School
Program of Study: Architectural Drafting
Advisor: Amanda McClure

Andre Blair is a senior attending Union Grove High School. He is enrolled in the Architectural Drafting and Design pathway and hopes to attend Georgia Tech when he graduates from high school. He has been a member of SkillsUSA for three years now, and he has competed in quiz bowl each year. His quiz bowl team placed first at the National Leadership and Skills Conference in 2015, silver in 2016 & 2017. In addition to his quiz bowl team’s achievements, his chapter has been named a Models of Excellence chapter for the past three years. His entire chapter has put in an extremely large amount of work. He has dedicated a large portion of his time to SkillsUSA and in return it has helped him grow as an individual, especially with the development of his employability skills. Within his own local chapter, SkillsUSA has shown him how important teamwork, planning, and self-determination are when striving to improve individually and collectively. He knows that through SkillsUSA, he will be as prepared as he can be to enter America’s skilled workforce.

Eve Pike

East Laurens High School
Program of Study: Construction and Healthcare
Advisors: Dean Cutler and Nicole Bell

ve Pike is a senior enrolled at East Laurens High School. She wantsto become a corporate attorney. She is currently enrolled in the Construction and Healthcare Pathways in order to broaden her horizons. She has been involved in SkillsUSA throughout her high school experience and was currently the Historian of her SkillsUSA chapter. As an active member of her local chapter, she was involved in every activity that SkillsUSA offers. She has earned both the Statesman Test Award and the Distinguished Statesman Test Award. SkillsUSA has taught her many things about herself and shown her areas where she can make improvements in her life. This organization has afforded her experiences that she would have never had the opportunity to be a part of. The implementation of the SkillsUSA Framework in her chapter has shown her that SkillsUSA is not an organization solely focused on teaching students “hard skills.” She can attest that she is continually perfecting her employability skills or “soft skills”.

Grace Clayton

Stephens County High School
Program of Study: Cosmetology
Advisor: Lennia Colwell

Grace Clayton is a senior at Stephens County High School. She is a part of the SkillsUSA Cosmetology Chapter. However, she is looking to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education in college. She has earned the SkillsUSA Georgia Statesman Test Award and The Distinguished Statesman Test Award. That focuses on bring the valued Personal, Workplace and Technical skills into her life. Her team placed first at the Region and State levels in Opening and Closing Ceremonies. She competed at the 2017 National Skills and Leadership Conference in June. She also had the privilege of representing her SkillsUSA chapter in Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 for National Models of Excellence Chapter Award. SkillsUSA has transformed her from a shy freshman into a confident senior in high school. SkillsUSA has strengthened her public speaking skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and decision-making skills. She knows that with SkillsUSA under her belt, it is possible for her to become successful in any career choice.

Amalie Rosales

Sandy Creek High School
Program of Study: Graphic Communications
Advisor: Jeff Dykes

Amalie Rosales is a senior at Sandy Creek High School where she is currently completing the Graphic Design Pathway. Having been an active member of SkillsUSA since 2014, she served as a chapter officer for two years before running for a position as a state officer. Amalie competes in various graphic design competitions at the region and state level. Sandy Creek was named a National Model of Excellence for 2015 and 2016 where Amalie represented her chapter in MOE Competition at the National Leadership and Skills Conference. Sandy Creek is currently a Gold Chapter of Excellence for 2017. Amalie believes that SkillsUSA has helped her develop her leadership abilities through the structure of the Framework where she has gained valuable personal, workplace and technical skills. SkillsUSA has encouraged a sense of self-motivation and a desire to set high future goals.

Carter Arrington

Adairsville High School
Program of Study: Construction
Advisor: Barry Arrington

Carter Arrington is a senior at Adairsville High School where she studies the construction pathway. She plans to attend the University of Georgia, major in Civil Engineering, and become a Virtual and Construction Design (VDC) Engineer. Her dad is her advisor, so she has been an official member of SkillsUSA since the sixth grade, but she has been traveling to region, state, and national conferences since she can remember. She competes in the TeamWorks competition as the Captain and the Carpenter alongside her teammates. Her team has placed first at region and state three years in a row, including this past year. Carter has been to Nationals three times earning 8th place, then receiving a bronze medal two years in a row. She hopes to one day give back by becoming a member of the Technical Committee for the TeamWorks Competition.She has wanted a state officer position since she can remember, and this past year at the State Leadership and Skills Conference, SkillsUSA Georgia gave her the opportunity to fulfill her goal. SkillsUSA has given her so many opportunities to further her skills as a part of America’s future work force. She has not only learned the workplace skills to get the job done, but she has learned the personal skills, such as leadership and work ethic, what it takes to thrive in the real world through the SkillsUSA Framework. She is extremely grateful for every single opportunity that SkillsUSA has given her.

Scott Hicks
High School National Vice President

Troup County Comprehensive High School
Program of Study: Automotive
Advisor: Amy Hicks

Scott Hicks is a senior at Troup County High School where he studies automotive. Scott not only serves SkillsUSA Georgia, but he also serves as the SkillsUSA National Vice President. He competed in Extemporaneous Speaking as a freshman and placed 3rd in the state, and he received a gold medal this past year in the Outstanding Student competition. The Outstanding Student competition involves an interview in front of a panel of judges, but he wouldn't have been able to confront this challenge without the training that SkillsUSA has provided him. Through SkillsUSA, he has learned how to speak professionally, how to shake someone's hand properly, how to use body language to correctly convey his message, and many more invaluable skills. To him, SkillsUSA is much more than just an organization, it's a lifestyle.

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