Region 5


Contest Results

Region Contest Date:

February 1, 2019

Region Contest Location:

Southern Crescent Technical College in Griffin, GA

Region Website:

SkillsUSA Georgia Region 5 Website


Jeff Dykes
Sandy Creek High School

Amanda McClure 
Union Grove High School

Region Advisor Email Sign-Up:

*Indicates required


Overview of Fees:

Attendees: $10 (Advisors, Contestants, Observers)

Chapter/School Fee: $25

Lunch: Can be purchased at the Souther Crescent Cafe' for approximately $10

 Due Date for Registration and Fees:

Contest Survey for Preliminary Numbers (Region 5 website): November 30, 2018

Online Testing Registration(SkillsUSA online registration): December 7, 2018

Registration (SkillsUSA online registration): January 7, 2019

Payment Deadline: Check must be received by January 25, 2019, if not received by this date then please BRING your check to region*

*New Policy- No school or students will be able to compete at the Region Championships if the school owes any funds from a previous event or if payment was not received for region contests prior to the event or on-site of the contest day.