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• Q – What is the difference between Job Skill Demo A and Job Skill Demo Open

A - Requirements to enter JSD-A are 1) the student must be enrolled in a training program that matches our national contests. Examples would be auto service tech, culinary arts, graphics, etc. Examples where they would not be eligible would be upholstery, meat cutting, biochemistry, landscaping, etc. because we do not hold a contest in any of those areas. 2) They must demonstrate a skill they are currently being taught in their specific training program.

JSD-O has no restrictions. Contestants can be enrolled in any program (including those with skills related to national contests) and may demonstrate any technical skill. It doesn't matter if they are learning it in their training program, apprenticeship program, work or their next-door neighbor taught them.

Sample Scenario: The Auto Service Teacher has a test at his high school to determine his best students to place into the SkillsUSA Contests and these are the results:

The Auto Service Technology Instructor enters a student in:

* Automotive Service Technology Contest and he also enters his next student in

* Job Skill Demo A (demonstrating Automotive Service Technology) and then he enters his next student in

* Job Skill Demo Open (also demonstrating Auto Service Technology or some other type of automotive skill) Also, remember that Action Skills is another great contest that is similar in scope to Job Skills Demo A and Open BUT the student must have an IEP on file with the school to be eligible.

• Q – Will SkillsUSA still have Healthcare Science contests at the 2019 conference?

A – The SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference will continue to hosts Healthcare Science contests during the national competition in Louisville, KY. SkillsUSA has hosted such contests since the organization’s inception and plans to continue to do so. On the state level, we will be hosting competitions for the following Healthcare Science contests: Medical Assisting, Nurse Assisting, Practical Nursing, Medical Math and Health Occupations Professional Portfolio. 

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