State Leadership and Skills Conference

March 21, 22 & 23, 2019

Georgia International Convention Center & Atlanta Marriott Gateway

Registration will be opened in January, 2019


Registration Fee: $75                Late Fee: $20 Per Participant 

Absolutely no late registration for competitors. No exceptions.

Late Registration for observers and advisors will end on March 1, 2019.

Contestant swaps/edit deadline March 1, 2019. Swap fee: $10 before March 1st; $20 swap after March 1st until the State Office can no longer accept swaps. 

No refunds or cancellations after the SLSC Registration Deadline. 

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2019

Payment Deadline: March 8, 2019

A $20 change per registrant until the State Office can no longer accept changes. 



Quality due on January 11th 

CHapter Distinction due on February 14th 


 On-Line Registration Instructions/Steps for the 2019 State Leadership and Skills Conference:


1.  Log onto to register your chapter for the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

2.  You will enter your email address and the password.  If you did not previously create a password then you can do so on the site by following the instructions listed.

3.  After you have logged in, click on the CONFERENCE tab at the top of the page and click on MY REGISTRATIONS from the drop-down box.

4.  From the FILTER EVENT drop down box choose the appropriate conference (State Leadership and Skills Conference).

5.  Begin registering your chapter by clicking on the ADD REGISTRANT button at the top of the page. 

6.  For each contestant, click on the “Contest” tab at the bottom of the page to enter the correct contest. 

7.  Enter Voting Delegates as Observers (they will receive Voting Delegate ribbons at the conference). 

8.  You do not need to complete the “Emergency” tab since each participant will complete the form titled:  Personal Liability/Medical Release/Photography Release.

9.  Continue to add new registrants and save them until everyone from your chapter has been registered.

10. PLEASE ensure the following:

a.  Each attendee’s name is spelled correctly

b.  The correct contest has been selected for each attendee

c.  Each attendee has a shirt size listed

d.  Each attendee is a registered SkillsUSA member

11. Once you have completed registering all your attendees, you MUST complete the HOTEL PLANNER portion of the registration.

a.  Click on the HOTEL PLANNER button at the top of the page.

b.  Click on each of your registered members and drag and drop them into an available appropriate hotel room.

1.  Rooms must be either all female or all male. (This step allows you to determine which students are housed together.)

2.  BE CAREFUL- Make sure that you use single and double rooms appropriately. 


12.  After the close of registration, your school will be assigned a hotel by the SkillsUSA Georgia Office via a lottery process.  You will be notified of your hotel and rooms booked by the SkillsUSA Georgia Office by March 1, 2019.

13.  The following forms should be completed for each conference attendee, if applicable, and turned in on-site at registration.  The required forms are posted as downloads on the website.

1.  Personal Liability/Medical Release/Photography Release

2.  Student Code of Conduct

3.  Dance Code of Conduct

4.  Advisor Code of Conduct

14.  Print the fee summary and registration summary from the website.  You can find these forms by going to the top of the web page and holding your cursor over the heading titled Conferences – the fee summary and registration summary will appear in the drop-down box.   You will want to make a copy for your records and submit a copy with your payment.

15.  On-line registration will close at midnight on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  Payment is expected for all participants that are registered by March 8, 2019.  Registering after the deadline of February 14, 2019, will result in an additional fee of $20 per attendee.

16.  Absolutely no refunds will be granted after the close of registration (Thursday, February 14, 2019).

 Conference Registration YouTube Video to assist with registration:


Conference Dress Code:

SkillsUSA Official Dress, as defined in the SkillsUSA handbook, or Professional/business Dress, is required for the Thursday General Session and the Saturday Awards Session.  Neither hats nor caps should be worn at these sessions. Skirt length (standing) should be to the middle of the knee.

Students who are not appropriately dressed (no hats or caps are allowed, skirts must be to the proper length) will not be presented their awards on the medal stand. They will be presented backstage at the Awards Ceremony.

No shorts, sweat suits, jeans, tank tops, muscle shirts, T-shirts or bathing suits are allowed during General Sessions or any competitive event sessions. Advertisements for alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, sexually oriented advertising, or illegal substances are prohibited.

SkillsUSA Official Dress should be worn in all contests as mandated by 2018 -19 Technical Standards or as posted on the SkillsUSA Georgia website. Please make sure to read the 2018-2019 Technical Standards for complete coverage of contest dress requirements.

Students and advisors that are observing the contests are expected to be neatly and appropriately dressed.

Since adults (advisors, parents, chaperones, and guests) serve as role models at SkillsUSA Georgia conferences and activities, they are expected to dress appropriately for related functions they attend. Conference participants not adhering to the SkillsUSA Georgia Dress Code will not be permitted to participate in conference activities. SkillsUSA Georgia dress code requirements listed as follows:

Dance Dress Code

Students must wear a chapter or conference SkillsUSA t-shirt or conference polo.  Shirts may not be tied around the waist or shoulders.

Students may wear clean jeans. Holes or cuts in them which show skin is not acceptable. No underwear or midriffs showing at any time.

No cutoff jeans, no shorts allowed.



Courtesy Corp:

Members are needed to serve on the Courtesy Corp.  As Courtesy Corp members they will assist with a variety of activities during the conference.  Students must be able to remain at the conference until the end of the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, March 23, 2019.  Please submit student’s names, shirt sizes via the online registration system and select Courtesy Corp under Contests.  Students receive an additional polo shirt for their Courtesy Corp service. 


Voting Delegates:

Voting delegates play an important role in SkillsUSA Georgia.  These delegates will elect our new State Officers.  Voting delegates are assigned as follows:


Number of Members submitted to SkillsUSA 

Number of 


Number of Members

SkillsUSA Form 10

Number of 


1 – 14


88 – 124


15 – 24


125 – 174


25 – 34


175 – 224


35 – 44


225 – 274


45 – 62


275 – 324


63 – 87